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All ad submissions will be reviewed for context and accuracy before indexing. We reserve the right to refuse any listing for indexing and can remove any current listing for bad, abused, non-working or corrupted links and has no obligation to notify the person or the company that submitted the listing. There will be no guarantees of contacts from your listing and there will be no refunds once a submission has been paid for and/or indexed. Submissions will be indexed after payment has been received. By clicking on the Submit button you agree that you are authorized to submit the listing, that the listing is correct, that you are authorized to pay for the listing, and understand the above. Once your submission and payment has been received and approved, your listing will be indexed within 3 business days.

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Please Note: Company running ad must be located in/around Conway, SC and/or The Grand Strand area of SC/NC and already have added their lifetime company profile with us on Conway Living. Absolutely NO adult content, NO ads of offensive content, and NO job site related ads allowed.

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